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"I think this course is one of the best I’ve ever taken online. Leah is grounded, really knowledgeable in all the areas and had given me so many ways to learn and practice. Great job, Leah!" ~Donna

"Thank you so much Leah, this course has been superb. I am at a very sticky time in my life so this course arrived at exactly the right moment. I have done many, many courses and this is by far the best one I have done for years. Thank you from my heart. Namaste xx" ~Emma

"Thank you, Leah, this is insightful & hands on, I'm becoming more aware of my fears & anxieties ...... started working on my Root Chakra ...... Namaste" ~Natalie


Hi, I’m Leah.

I'm a 3x author, intuitive healer, spiritual teacher and host of The Modern Sage Podcast. Every course you find here is brought from my passion of helping others find joy, peace and freedom again. We cover emotional healing, recovery, spiritual growth and energy medicine. I am a survivor on the road to self actualization. Heavy topics, grounded presence, light spirits. I hope you'll join me here!